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Connect Group Leaders, thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of a triad as you discuss the book Transforming Discipleship. This book will give you a fuller understanding of the importance and impact that Triads can have in the life of Discipleship at a Church. We also hope this will be a time that you as leaders can pour into and encourage each other. 

Below we have videos and discussion questions that break the book down into smaller sections and will help focus your time in your triad (we will add meetings 4-6 shortly). We encourage each person to watch these videos and think over the questions before you meet for your next Triad meeting. We hope this will help focus the conversation and give greater understanding of the content. Remember, you can meet at any pace you like, we just ask you try to meet 6 times before the end of the year. We are excited to hear about how God will use your time together!


Meeting 1: Introduction - Chapter 2

Meeting 2:  Chapter 3

Meeting 3:  Chapter 4-5

Meeting 4:  Chapter 6

Meeting 5:  Chapters 7-8

Meeting 6:  Chapters 9-10

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