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Ephesians 4 is a chapter in the Bible that has really made a big impact on us as a church. It outlines that one of the primary roles of leaders in the local church is to "equip the saints for the work of ministry." Equipping or growing in our faith takes place in multiple ways, and there is no “perfect” way. However, there are some specific ways we aim to achieve this.


For additonal content, be sure to listen to the EQUIPPED Podcast. This podcast exists to create a conversation about multiplying gospel community and fueling spiritual growth. Our goal is simple: To equip leaders to multiply by following Jesus, making disciples, leading small groups, and planting churches.

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Connect Groups

The first step of any disciple is to live in community with other disciples. Throughout the week, we offer Connect Groups that meet in homes throughout the community. Real life change happens in community with other disciples, and these environments allow that to take place! We offer groups based on age, gender, stage of life, or ones with a little bit of everyone!

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Close the Gap Experiences

Close the Gap experiences are one-night sessions that help "close the gap" between the things we know about God and the things we have personally experienced. For example, instead of just hearing a message on why reading God’s word is important, you could experience reading God’s word together with other believers, and learn how to discern what God is speaking through it.

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Growth Challenges

Growth Challanges are multi-week, interative, community based learning environments where we focus on a specific topic to challenge ourselves to grow in our ability to follow Jesus.

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We believe serving also has the ability to equip you in your faith in many different ways. We refer to our volunteers as “Connectors;” whether that is teaching the Bible to a child, welcoming a new person, or praying on behalf of others, serving is a way for us to live out our faith.

A warm smile, a firm handshake, these are the experiences that make a church a home. When you're serving in Guest Services, you set the tone of a person’s visit by creating a welcoming environment. It’s also a great opportunity to make a ton of new friends that you’ll soon call family!

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If you love kids, this is the ministry for you! Our children’s team has the opportunity to share God’s love in a direct and tangible way every week. You have the option of working with many different age ranges. There's no experience necessary, just a willingness to serve.

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Connection Students is our middle and high school ministry. We live in times where students are pulled in so many different directions and many times none of those directions include Jesus. Too often we see students graduate High School, many of which grew up in the Church, and never continue in their faith because they didn’t have a solid foundation. Our goal at Connection Students is to help them truly own their faith, to take it into their own hands, and know how to live for Jesus each and every day.

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Whether you are a musician or singer, we would love for you to audition to be part of our team! Our worship team has the privilege of point our people to Jesus through every song we sing and write.

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When you serve in our Production Team you are responsible for helping to create environments where people can best be able to connect with God and others. Our goal is to elevate Jesus, not the stage.

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As a member of this team, you will be in direct contact with people of our church who are hurting, broken, and questioning the things of God. You will get to pray with people over a range of situations that may include accepting Jesus’ invitation for salvation for the first time, getting baptized, dealing with substance abuse, etc. Our hope is that as you pray for people and engage them in conversations, you reflect the heart of Jesus and help lead them to their Next Step.

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Discipleship looks and sounds different at every church. We believe that the best discipleship relationship take place in an intentional relationship in which we walk alongside other disciples in order to encourage, equip, and challenge one another in love to grow towards maturity in Christ. It is our belief also that groups of 3 are the best dynamic in order for this type of discipling to take place, because it fights agains the "Teacher - Student" dynamic and allows for every person to have responsibility to mutually disciple one another.

Whether you are a brand new Christian looking to grow, been walking with the Lord for a long time but want "more," or looking to invest more of your time into multiplying disciples, Triads are for you! If you are interested in being discipled or desire to disciple others, please reach out below and we will be in contact soon.