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Thank you for visiting the Konnection Kids Resource Page. This page provides all the take home sheets with additional content for your to reinforce during the week as well as helpful articles and other content to help you talk about Jesus with your child. We are always here to help, so if you ever have any additional questions please contact as at children@connection-church.com.

Worship Playlist

We have created a playlist of some of the worship songs your kids sing in Konnection Kids so they can worship at home too!

Extra Worship Videos

Parent Cue App

We encourage every parent to download "The Parent Cue App" which helps every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. These weekly cues will change with your child, staying relevant to their phase of life—from babies to high school. Each cue aligns with content developed by Orange, to creators of our kids curriculum. The app will connect you with Bible stories and verses to talk to your child about, and we’ll cue you with words to say and things to do connected with the naturally occurring times that already happen every day.

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Right Now Media

RightNow Media creates content and hosts video resources from more than 100 major Christian publishers and ministries that can enhance your personal discipleship and the discipleship of your small group, and it is FREE to you because you come to Connection! Simply create your account below and gain access to over 18,000 videos and resources!


Babies - K

Babies Parent Cue Cards


Pre-School Parent Cue Cards

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1st-3rd Parent Cue Cards

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4th-5th Parent Cue Cards

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My child is asking about...

Helpful Articles On What Your Child Might Be Feeling


When a kid experiences crisis, they tend to have more questions than answers. What they’re going through might sound minor to you, or be really scary to both of you. Either way, be sensitive to any changes you see in your child, and be careful to respond by offering grace and support along the way. Check out these articles to help you address the things they are feeling

Crisis: Pre-school Crisis: Elementary


When our kid’s anxiety is heightened, it’s common for us as parents to want to remove that discomfort. And while it’s healthy for us to give our kids ways to cope, we shouldn’t try to engineer a “worry-free” lifestyle for them. Check out these articles on how to help your child navigate those emotions.

Anxiety: Preschool Anxiety: Elementary