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The Connection College Leadership Team exists to BUILD INFLUENCERS and SEND SERVANTS

What is Leadership?

Each year, students from East Georgia, Georgia Southern, and Ogeechee Tech attend Connection, and our hope is that this will become their home away from home. As a church, we strive to connect, equip, and send God's people and the same is true in our college ministry. Every year we are blessed with college students that come to school here, allowing us the opportunity to connect them to God and each other, develop and mature them in their faith, and then send them back out throughout the world! 

“...I urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called”

Ephesians 4:1


Every member of the CCLT must meet and maintain certain qualifications. Only those individuals that meet the following qualifications will be considered. The applicant must:
  • Is in College (Not High schooler taking college classes) 
  • Is enrolled and taking college classes (Some acceptance accepted) 
  • Will be actively attending College Nights 
  • Has a growing relationship with Jesus
  • Is connected with other followers of Jesus
  • Has a positive reputation


It is our desire to “let you know what you’re getting into,” so to speak. So, we want to be completely up front with what will be expected from each member of the CCLT. Each member of the CCLT will be expected to:
  • Influence others through Serving (i.e. lead)
  • Attend a monthly, CCLT meeting (entire team together)
  • Participate in a rotating weekly serve team 
  • Maintain a strong attendance @ College Nights 
  • Provide critical feedback to leadership regarding the Connection College (i.e. if there is a problem, speak up)
  • Remain in good standing with the CCLT for the full 9 month commitment


If the above are firm expectations we use to measure success within the CCLT, then the following is a list of commitments we are asking each member to choose and to be stretched by. Remember, we said at the beginning that leadership was a commitment more than an inherent character trait. Therefore, leadership is less about who you are and more about who you are becoming. Each member of the CCLT is committed to:
  • GROWING to be more like Jesus
  • DISCOVERING his/her ministry and giftedness
  • CONNECTING with other followers of Jesus in meaningful relationships
  • REACHING unbelieving friends with the hope found in Jesus
  • HONORING God with his/her choices and attitude
  • SPEAKING up fearlessly when silence is easier
  • STICKING it out even when it gets hard


CCLT is a 2-semester commitment that typically runs from August to May. If joining the CCLT is your next step, follow the link below to submit your application. All applications for the 2021-22 school year are due by August 4th.

(Applicants must provide 3 references: parent/guardian; student pastor/spiritual mentor; one other person)

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