Inside Out

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What is Inside Out?

If Connection Church no longer existed, would our community and the nations notice? This is a question we ask often to ensure we are never allowing the cries on the inside of the church to become louder than the cries on the outside of the church. Connection has always had a heart to reach those far from Christ and we always want to ensure that mission stays a priority. Inside Out helps us remain focused on just that. Each year we identify organizations, ministries, and additional efforts that we believe are making a difference in our community and to the ends of the earth. 

Inside Out Overview

2022-23 Goals

$200,000 Total

Give to Inside Out

100% of everything given to Inside Out will go back out the doors of the church into our community and to the ends of the earth. Follow the link below and select Inside Out to give online. You may also write a check and simply put, "Inside Out" in the memo line.

Thanks for your generosity as we build God's Kingdom from the Inside Out!